bitch, i’m fabulous


I have never in my life liked leopard print. Any animal print, for that matter. It’s an inside joke among my loved ones, a slice of family mythology: “everyone get Skye leopard stuff for Christmas [hurr durr]!” But this coat, courtesy of Danica, is the thing that reorients my entire life. When a piece of clothing is so striking that it makes you question long-established disgust, then you wear that piece until it falls off your cold dead bones.

I broke it in last night over my last meal of the year. ‘Tis the season for “bitch I’m fabulous” Advanced Style aesthetic. ‘Tis every season for that.


This year I plan to…

  • grow my hair long and dye it back to pink. I love my flapper bob, but I want to do things with my hair again. I want clips and pins and towering Victorian updos. And I want it all in pink, because anachronism.
  • get that much closer to finishing this goddamn religion degree. I have a complete minor (Latin language & literature) and all my electives, so I can focus 100% on religion.
  • transition to wearing 100% vintage. I wear exclusively thrifted now, but not all my pieces are vintage vintage: I do have some reproduction. This year, I won’t buy a garment without certainty of its age.
  • visit Portland and take selfies in front of waterfalls
  • stage kitten for the Vermont Burlesque Festival
  • either finish my novel for real this time or commit seppuku, because what other option do I have really



merry clothmas

I’m pulling a leaf from Kaelah’s toothy little book and compling a “best of” post. 2013 wasn’t only my first full year of blogging. It’s the year my outfits and photography actually took on some semblance of a recognizable style. A far cry from 2012’s “throw some fabric at my body and hope it sticks”. I’m still a born-and-bred eccentric, but now I’ve got a bit more nuance.

This was also the year I started actually applying basic design principles to my shoots. The old stand ‘n’ pose can be fun, but I want to make art on lots of levels, not just the fashionable. I look now at my old webcam shots and want to burn every last one. I keep them on the blog because some of the outfits are passable, and also because it’s a nice reminder of improvement.

Here you’ll find my top 12 posts of 2013. Check back tomorrow or the next day for some 2014 inspiration porn. I’m also planning to list a few new Etsy items over the next couple of days.

boc I

waterhouse heroine & windy witch 

boc II

little red & splatter (plus a link to the bloody-shoes tutorial I did for Floral Prints + Common Sense!)

boc III

strange doll & noontime ghost

boc IV

prairie luxe & baroness samedi’s in town

boc V

grandma chic: dapper flapper edition & i was never here

boc VI

more mooring & keep matches away from me (plus links to Brent Gould Photography and Owlhurst Loft Vintage)