halloween the reboot: and you thought you could escape

If there’s one thing I know in this world, it’s that you – whoever you are – do not love ghoulies and ghosties and all manner of creepy-crawlies as much as my boyfriend and I do. We are hard. core. We do work at competing haunted houses, after all.

Yesterday was National Paranormal Day. In honor of the auspicious occasion, we attended a special-edition Queen City Ghostwalk. (I am such a goddamn Thea Lewis fangirl.) And, of course, I dressed the hell up. Less than six months until Halloween, you know. Time to start celebrating!

ghosty III

ghosty I

I couldn’t find my bloody-skeleton hair clips, and I hated everything for a few minutes.

ghosty II

ghosty IV

ghosty V

“Vermont Spirits Detective Agency: Private Eye for Those Who’ve Died”

A couple Octobers ago, I attended a demonstration by VT Spirits, at which they went over some of their techniques and played footage from houses they’ve successfully exorcised. Now, I’ll say straight up that I’m not sure what I believe. As a religion major, I’ve found it most useful to keep my mouth shut and maintain agnosticism about spiritual matters. I’ve also found that my personal opinions on paranormal matters have absolutely no bearing on my ability to enjoy them. I appreciate the ability of a good ghost story to drag me out of my world and into its own. Does it matter if it really happened? That seems incidental to me.

Anyway, the point of this story is that I won a t-shirt and a book about haunted Burlington hotspots in the nightly raffle, and that incited my fangirl obsession with Thea Lewis. I wore that very shirt last night in hopes that she would remember me. She did. I squeed. Boyfriend and I lingered after the tour to talk to her, and I was doing my very best to stay collected.

ghosty VI

ghosty VIII

ghosty IX

ghosty X

T-shirt: Raffle Skirt & Necklaces: Old Gold Skull Pendant: Battery Street Jeans Shoes: Gaiam Gloves: Gifted

color me buttoned

For me, this is ordinary. I’ve blogged all its respective components before, and it’s an easy outfit to toss on when I don’t feel like designing anything. I do feel it’s worthy of posting, though, if only because I really, really like the colors.

abstract blouse II

I love how sheer and ethereal this blouse is compared with the skirt’s concrete pop of color.

abstract blouse I

abstract blouse III

abstract blouse IV

abstract blouse VI

abstract blouse VII

abstract blouse VIII

abstract blouse IX

Skirt & Necklace: Old Gold Blouse: Yard sale Shoes: Danform Tights & Bracelet: Gifted

madame blavatsky

I took these photos this morning, but they’re already out of date. I got my hair cut very shortly afterward. It’s bouncy and wonderful and the last of the nasty bleached bits is FINALLY gone. Pictures soon!

“You look like a gypsy,” said my friend who works at the shop across the street where I get pizza every day. Preach it. I wish I had a crystal ball.

fortune teller VII

fortune teller II

fortune teller III

I keep trying to believe the fact that not only did this sweater and skirt not come as a set, I got them at two different thrift stores.

fortune teller IV

fortune teller VI

fortune teller VIII

fortune teller IX

fortune teller X

fortune teller XI

fortune teller XII

fortune teller XIII

Sweater & Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Turban & Necklace: Old Gold Skirt: Goodwill Tights: Sox Market Shoes: Danform

i’m a bad listener

So nobody liked this dress when I bought it. Jake, at least, was diplomatic when I came out of the dressing room: “Well, it’s your project, but I’m not feeling it.” The salesgirl was harsher: “If I see you wearing that downtown, I’m submitting your picture to People of Walmart.” The Old Gold salespeople know me well enough to tell me in no uncertain terms when they think I’m making a huge mistake, which I appreciate. But you know what? I loved this dress in the store, and I still love it now. I promised them I could rock it, and I’m confident in my ability to do so. The hat and the necklace give it a ’20s silhouette, but the colors are straight-up mod.

I’m a circus through and through, which is how I feel most myself.

rainbow III

rainbow I

rainbow V

rainbow IV

rainbow VI

rainbow VII

My hand is being subsumed into the rainbow.

rainbow VIII

rainbow IX

rainbow X

rainbow XI

rainbow XII

rainbow XIII

rainbow XIV

rainbow XV

rainbow XVI

Dress & Necklace: Old Gold Blazer: Dirt Chic Shoes: Danform Tights: Sox Market Hat: Gifted

I must’ve listened to this song fifty times in the past two days.