pearls before swine

bombshell V


bombshell I

Can we talk about what a bombshell I feel like? I can practically hear the records scratching and spinning while some Hollywood rogue dips me at the waist. He ignores the rip in the fabric of the universe my time-traveling has created; I ignore the fact that he’s probably a figment of my imagination. We’re all good.

bombshell IV

This is Josh’s favorite dress on me. He badgers me to wear it basically every morning. But I have to keep at least a few garments sacred. As ostentatious as I am on a daily basis, even I save a dress or two for truly special occasions. A little mystery and a little novelty never hurt anyone.

I pulled out this one on Saturday night for the birthday dinner of one of my best and oldest friends. Josh went full top-hat-and-tails and stroked my fishnets under the table. I’m used to my position as the most formal of my circle. It was nice, just this once, to look around the table and see bow ties, made-up faces, and sweetheart necklines. We’re already kindred spirits, but this time we actually looked the part.

bombshell IX

bombshell VII


bombshell IV

bombshell VI

bombshell XII

Dress: Downtown Threads Tights & Shoes: Old Gold Pearls: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Gifted

Happy 21st, Lizard!

bombshell XI

bombshell XIII

miss hollywood

I should’ve lived in the 1940s. World War II and widespread oppression aside, the fashion was sensual and kind to curves and even vaguely gothic. Yesterday I found a dress I was afraid I’d gotten rid of, and I channeled some Olde Hollywood. With my haircut and perennially red lips, I was already halfway there. I think I’ll call this my Double Indemnity look.

OHAI CURVES. Shitty photo quality, but damn. I feel like a bombshell. Pardon my vainglory.

Dress came to ~4 inches above the knee. I wore mid-calf red leggings underneath.

Titular inspiration from one of my favorite songs. I daydream about seedy Hollywood nightlife more often than I should admit.