seducing you and then biting your face off

It’s a classic and probably overdone combination, but I love combining toughness and frills. The jaggedness of the petticoat’s hem makes the dress itself a little badass, and the leather tops it off.

Shout-out to my friend Hailey (she comments a lot), who instructed me to blog this outfit.

frilly I

Unbrushed hair works pretty well with this look.

frilly II

frilly III

frilly IV

I considered wearing the spiderweb jacket with this dress, but there was too much going on with the print and the jewelry to add another print on top. It calls for something sleek and monochromatic.

frilly V

frilly VI

frilly VII

frilly VIII

frilly IX

Skull bracelets!

Jacket: Handed down from neighbor Dress: Wild Mountain Thyme Boots: Handed down from Mom Belt and Rings: Battery Street Jeans Necklace: Voltaire fan store Bracelets: Mexican “Day of the Dead” craft fair

actually, i am that girl

This is the first of a new series of posts inspired by my favorite film and literature characters.

I’m beginning to dress more and more like an off-duty model. (Technically, that’s what I am. Took me a while to grow into the persona, I suppose.) Lately I’ve been more cosmopolitan than kooky, and considerably more androgynous than before. I’m more comfortable in slouchy clothes than I’ve ever been; I’m almost starting to prefer them to more tailored counterparts.

I’ve made it clear how much I love themes and costumes. And I love Wicked. (First person to catch the reference in this post’s title gets love and sexual favors cookies.) I have always taken after Elphaba (I am political [to say the least] and I admit I am rather crude and somewhat cutting), but I’d gladly audition for Glinda just to inhabit her wardrobe for a while. I’m already getting there in sheer flamboyance alone.

Today I’m trying to merge them. I’m embodying Elphaba’s grunge and appropriating Glinda’s glamour.

monochrome III

monochrome I

I love just-messy-enough hair. I can achieve this look only when I’ve washed it the night before. (I don’t wash it very often, in order to preserve the dye.)

monochrome II

Glasses, shapeless sweater, and old-man belt worn with red lips and silver jewelry. Were Glinda ever caught dead in Elphaba’s rags, you know she’d tart them up a little.

monochrome IV

Voltaire necklace!

monochrome V

This hat makes me feel vaguely soldierly.

monochrome VI

monochrome VII

Monochrome really frees me up to combine unusual shapes and textures. The sweater is as scratchy as the skirt is silky, but the color ties them together.

monochrome VIII

monochrome IX

monochrome X

My Glinda coat! I’ve had it since high school. It cost me 25 cents at a bag sale. I plan to feature it more extensively in an upcoming post (still haven’t finished that outerwear series).

The sticker says “be nice to me: I gave blood today”. That’s from at least a year ago.

monochrome XI

Hat: Old Gold Coat: Richmond Food Shelf & Thrift Store Sweater, Skirt, and Rings: Battery Street Jeans Necklace: Voltaire fan store Boots and Belt: Handed down from Mom


As you’ll recall, I won a really kickass outfit in a drawing at Stella Mae.

Here’s the model’s take on it, and here’s mine.

contest II

The dress fits me closer than it does the model. I prefer that: it frees me up to add less structured accessories. A light wrap or shawl would look quite nice.

contest IV

I decided to play up the silver accents. I’m really pleased with how well the belt matches; it looks like it might have come with the dress.

I also pulled out a grey hat I used to wear far more religiously before I got my red one. It’s quite appropriate here, I think. It complements the outfit’s vintage structure.

contest III

This dress really hits the middle ground between casual and formal. With this hat, and a slouchy cardigan, I could theoretically wear it to class. If I fixed my hair and maybe put on some eyeliner, it’d be cotillion-worthy.

contest V

contest VI

contest VII

I love the back detail. Its location is convenient, too: I can still wear a bra!

contest VIII

contest IX

These shoes. These shoes. Now, I have very, very strict requirements for heels. I have some genetic bone defects – osteochondritis dissecans and pronated ankles, to be specific – and I can’t put my weight on the ball of my foot unless the heel is impeccably structured. In my almost two decades on this planet, I have found one pair of heels that fits this bill. As of today, I’ve found another. I’m an often unfortunately cheap person, and I resist buying individual items over $30. Maybe $45. These shoes retail for between $100 and $150, more than I would ever consider spending. But if their fit is any indication, you really do get what you pay for: I could walk downtown and up again in these heels with nary a blister.

i just keep getting tackier and tackier

The only parts of this outfit I paid money for are my pants and two of my rings, which cost me $9 total. Last spring I found this sweater in a box on the side of the road, and it’s one of my favorite possessions. Hat – hand-me-down from my cousin. Harley boots and lapis lazuli ring – hand-me-downs from my mother. Rubik’s cube necklace – free at Battery Street Jeans (it had been there so long they just let me have it. I guess I really am the tackiest person in Burlington). Scarf – Halloween gift from my godmother. Jacket – costume box!

Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Necklace, and Rings: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Handed down from cousin Boots: Handed down from Mom Jacket: Handed down from neighbor Scarf: Halloween gift from my godmother

pretending i live in an actual city

In the summer, I teach children’s theatre. While I was home on break, my neighbor announced on Facebook that she was giving away a massive box of children’s costumes, and I bolted over there. Not only did I procure a preponderance of props for my young thespians, I found this jacket in the bottom of the box. Genuine leather. I sincerely hope she meant to give it away and won’t come asking for it back.

I couldn’t decide which scarf I preferred, so I’ve interspersed two different photosets. Comment and state your preference!

Two rings for $3 at Battery Street Jeans.

My mom wore stuff like this when she was pregnant with me. Yes, in the early ’90s. Somehow I’ve internalized it.

I really, really like slouchy materials with crisper ones. The metallic rings contrast the baggy sweater nicely. And the leather pulls it all together.

I bought jeggings. Secondhand jeggings, at that. Let’s face it, though: I was already wearing leggings as pants; this is the natural next step.


This scarf is admittedly slightly ratty, but it photographs really well.

I’m in love with these textures together.

It’s a pretty cool scarf.

Sweater, Skinny Jeans, and Rings: Battery Street Jeans Boots and Chinese Scarf: Handed down from Mom Hat: Handed down from cousin Orange Scarf: Plato’s Closet Jacket: Handed down from neighbor


You get some music today! Because most of this outfit is from Battery Street Jeans, I’ll post songs I first heard there. They spin some really excellent music.

unusually ladylike

Yesterday Urban Outfitters took 75% off select accessories. And it’s not a sale unless I walk away with a ton of gaudy gold shit.

That said, I actually really like the subtlety of this outfit. The disparate pieces could be gaudy, but I made sure everything matched something and kept to a couple basic themes.

I feel a bit like an off-duty ballerina. The swingy skirt helps, too. (Maybe that’s just because I downloaded the entire score of Swan Lake and it’s been playing on constant loop.[My love of classical music is well documented.])

This is actually a pretty different direction for me. Not a single skull or spider in the mix. (Okay, the scarf, but it’s rolled up to obscure its pattern, and tied in a bow.) Sometimes I’d rather be soft.

Blouse, Bracelet, Necklace, and Tights: Urban Outfitters Skirt: Battery Street Jeans Head Scarf: Old Gold

and i wonder why everyone thinks i’m queer

I’ve been told I set off a lot of gay-dars and bi-dars and queer-dars. (For the record, I am none of the above, but I fully support LGBT equality. I mean, duh.) For a long time, I assumed this was because I have a disproportionate number (population-wise, that is) of queer and trans friends, and I was naturally viewed as part of that crowd. Then I noticed I was getting hit on by girls who didn’t know any of my friends at all. So I’ve been left wondering what exactly it is. And I think it’s this: I don’t dress like I’m looking for male attention. Not that I don’t dress like an absolute slut (in the sex-positive sense of the term, of course) sometimes. But even my more revealing outfits are fussy and accessorized and often just plain gaudy. If the general consensus holds that men prefer simpler clothing, then I must look like the dykiest dyke around.

And it’s true. I’m not looking for male attention (not that I mind if it happens to find me). I’m not really looking for anyone’s attention. Being noticed is a pleasant by-product of my thoroughly flamboyant style, but I dress as I do first and foremost to feel comfortable. I don’t feel right in sweatpants and a t-shirt. I need to feel like I’ve made a concerted effort, and if that happens to please others, it’s fine with me. (Also, if most men are intimidated/weirded out by my outfits, then I get my pick of the ones who aren’t, which is also fine with me.)

tl;dr girls make eyes at me a lot, and I often wonder why, and then sometimes I wear an outfit that makes me go THAT. That is why.

I bought these men’s jeans for $1 at Battery Street. I thought they’d flatten me down, but the high waist works surprisingly well with the curve of my hips.

Cuffed with Harley boots is literally the only way to wear these.

Another Battery Street purchase, $10 because of the ripped sleeve. (This is how lazy I am: I’ve owned this coat for a year without bothering to fix it.) I affectionately dub this garment my “don’t fuck with me” coat. That goes for assholes and for the winter chill: it’s just that warm


This looks great with my orange scarf and red hat. I plan to feature it in an upcoming outerwear post.

Blouse: Plato’s Closet Coat, Jeans, Belt, and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Boots: Handed down from Mom


Everything I wore today speaks of autumn, and at least vaguely of Halloween. I am preparing for my annual WEEK IN COSTUMES (which will be more like three days, due to the out-of-town mock trial tournament devouring my weekend). This is my warm-up outfit, a conceptual costume if not a literal one.

Orange sweater and black pants. My Slytherin sweater, which I’ve blogged before, complemented by my snake bracelet. And a vaguely steampunk belt.

I like the hard/soft combination here. Harem pants and loose sweater plus stark, metallic jewelry.

That’s my living room. It’s a pretty nice living room.

Sweater and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Pants: Handed down from Mom Shoes: Danform Bracelet: Claire’s Scarf: Plato’s Closet Hat: Gifted

accidentally patriotic

It’s not my fault that red, white, and blue happen to look lovely together.

I really like the simplicity of the coat with the shocks of shiny satin at the wrists and neck.

Also, every single piece of this outfit, save for the hat, was thrifted or handed down.

I found this orange feather on the ground a few days ago. Surprisingly, it’s stuck around.

As far as I’m concerned, the coat makes this particular outfit. It’s more than outerwear; it’s integral.

I LOVE how the coat opens a little to reveal the rayon skirt. It has an awesome petticoat effect.

Coat and Boots: Handed down from Mom Blouse: Dirt Chic Skirt and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Gifted

miss hollywood

I should’ve lived in the 1940s. World War II and widespread oppression aside, the fashion was sensual and kind to curves and even vaguely gothic. Yesterday I found a dress I was afraid I’d gotten rid of, and I channeled some Olde Hollywood. With my haircut and perennially red lips, I was already halfway there. I think I’ll call this my Double Indemnity look.

OHAI CURVES. Shitty photo quality, but damn. I feel like a bombshell. Pardon my vainglory.

Dress came to ~4 inches above the knee. I wore mid-calf red leggings underneath.

Titular inspiration from one of my favorite songs. I daydream about seedy Hollywood nightlife more often than I should admit.