perhaps you’ve noticed something

I never intended to keep the name “Color Me Brazen” forever. It was a placeholder, and I actually left it in place a little longer than I meant to. It’s not bad wordplay, but I don’t think it accurately communicates my vision for this blog. “Color Me Brazen”, to me, says “I’m so chipper I just might put a bullet in your brain”. It’s too reminiscent of the cutesy fashion bloggers who address their readers as “darlings”. Nothing against those girls, but I ain’t one of ’em. “My Kingdom for a Hat” suggests more theatrics. It says “I’m probably a secret dancehall girl.”

My URL will stay the same, because it’s a pain in the ass to change those, and because I still want to milk the hits I get from people searching “color me brazen”.

I had my first shoot with Owlhurst Loft Vintage last Thursday. It was my first actual fashion shoot, believe it or not. I’m foremost an art model, and even though the outfits are important, it’s not the clothing I’m modeling so much as the entire aesthetic. Owlhurst Loft, by contrast, is an actual store. I’m modeling the clothes specifically for them to be sold.

Here’s the first round of shots. More to come as I receive them.

The shoes are my own. Everything else will soon be for sale through Owlhurst’s Etsy store.

owlhurst XV

I would absolutely wear this outfit.

owlhurst XIV

owlhurst I

owlhurst XIII

owlhurst XVI

Aside from in theatre, I’d never worn so much makeup. I still think it takes way too much time to do every day, but after seeing these pictures, I’m no longer opposed to doing it at least a couple times a week.

owlhurst XX

owlhurst XXI

owlhurst XXII

a textbook case of special snowflake syndrome

Life decisions update! As of yesterday, I’ve officially been hired as a face of Owlhurst Loft, a fledgling (do you see what I did there?) vintage store and art gallery. They were kind enough to endorse my blog, so it’s the least I can do to endorse their Facebook page. Go to the link above and click “like”, and you’ll be able to see my work with them when it starts appearing. (It’ll be posted on this blog as well, of course.)

Also, Andreea at Thrill of the Heel added my latest inspirations post to her features page! I’m officially going international. I wish I spoke Romanian.

Today I really like how delicate I look on the outside and how colorful I am just underneath.

purple blouse IV

purple blouse III

purple blouse II

purple blouse V

Once in a while I should try something other than vintage blouse + high-waisted skirt. Someday I’m sure I’ll get sick of it. Until then, though, it ain’t broke yet.

purple blouse VI

purple blouse VII

purple blouse VIII

purple blouse IX

It’s interesting how environment informs complexion. My skin looks several shades paler here than in the pictures above.

Also, I am literally a snowflake. In the most literal sense of the word “literal”.

purple blouse X

purple blouse XI

This was a candid, but it turned out well.

purple blouse XII

I feel like Eliza Doolittle.

purple blouse XIII

This coat ends in just the right place.

Coat & Hat: Old Gold Blouse, Skirt, Belt, & Ring: Battery Street Jeans Scarf & Necklace: Gifted Boots: Handed down from Mom


I do love novelty musical theatre.