the witch & the sprite, part i


My favorite thing about photography, I think, is making people look exactly the way they see themselves. Seeing them smile as their private fancies bleed into real-life color. My lady Holly, for instance, is a lab tech by day – read: not allowed to wear harem pants or flowy scarves or anything that might catch fire. And when you’re an aspiring Vodou priestess – true story, she is – that just won’t do.  At least her workplace allows her to keep her mermaid hair.

The obvious solution: hike deep into the woods and take witchy pictures, thoroughly confusing any and all hikers.

(We took 100+ really good photos, so they will, obviously, be posted in installments.)

hollyIXhollyIhollyivhollyVII hollyVIIIhollyXI





the ragged mummer


I haven’t done a straight-up super!artsy costumed shoot in too long. I’ve been fantasizing about lush summer pinups and proto-gaias rolling in the dirt, and it’s just not time yet. We’re still, for now, stuck in the in-between.

The solution? Get dressed up and play Spring Herself, of course. The petticoated piper, trailing birdsong and moonshine in her wake.

For a purer ~aesthetic~, I recommend this musical accompaniment.

(Note that I took these before dyeing my hair back to pink. Forgive my roots.)



moon VIII

moon IV

Holly and I are kittening at the Vermont Burlesque Festival in T minus two days. Eep! We get red carpet photos and invitations to the performers’ brunch, which makes me die a little – I get to munch waffles and mimosas with real live performers? People who do this for a living, not a lark? I can’t wait.

The kittens’ colors are navy, purple, gold, and orange. I’m more than a little frustrated that I can’t default to red polka dots, but I do appreciate the opportunity to branch out. Here’s a preview of my Thursday night costume: moon goddess.

moon XII

moon X moon IX moon III

moon VII

moon I

moon VI

moon XIII

ghost of christmas never

Finally something (*&%$ artsy. I was feeling terribly off my game. As uplifting as the Christmas story is supposed to be, there’s darkness embedded in it too. An omnipotent God, manifest in an undeniably Other human form, is actually pretty bone-chilling. Had we never heard of the Judeo-Christian tradition, were this just another obscure tribal myth, I’m certain it would unsettle us. 











lightwitch lite

sw V

For part II of my Halloweek series, Danica and I blatantly ripped off my favorite living artist, Courtney Brooke of lightwitch. I almost don’t want to link her here because my work is so shoddy in comparison, but there you go. I was tempted to go full plagiarist and get naked in the river, but Vermont is cold, dammit.

Photos of me by Danica. Photos of Danica, as well as all editing, by me.

dw III

dw I

sw XIV

dw VI dw II



dw IV dw XII

sw XXVIII sw XXV  dw VII

in my element

I recently made a contact on ModelMayhem interested in doing some “goddess-themed” work with me. He told me to select a location with palpable energy, somewhere I was very comfortable and could really collude with my surroundings. With my parents’  permission, we drove up to my parents’ house and shot in a little copse I used to call “fairy rock”. What resulted was some of the best work I’ve ever done.

All rights reserved by Robert Eddy of First Light Studios.

I’ve always felt the most myself when dressed as a witch. Such garb doesn’t create a pagan identity, of course, but it’s cultural shorthand for connection to my ancient forebears. It’s an easy way to be publicly “out of the broom closet“: partaking in a tradition that does not begin or end with me. That’s fascinating. (In the real world, I’m a religious studies major, and that occasionally bleeds into my fashion work.)

This morning it was sufficiently chilly, so I thought I’d secularize this outfit a bit and wear it out.

I made it more prosaic with the addition of my glasses and a jacket. That spiderweb jacket goes with everything. And it tones down the pagan sensibility from “woodland goddess” to “Halloween kitsch” – more appropriate for daily wear.

An excellent dress for curves. It fits me perfectly.

This is my favorite kind of goth. Understated, elegant, and powerful. I was never much for Hot Topic babybat baubles. “Delicious evil” trumps “screaming emo” any day of the week.

Dress: Handed down from Mom Necklace: Beachside shop in Maine Jacket: Battery Street Jeans