coveting, thy name is skye

I think I need a day to recover from Spectacle of Sin before I can get around to editing/posting any pics. Never have I known a better kind of exhaustion.

There’s a folder on my computer full of fashion images I find interesting or inspirational or just plain gawgeous. In the moment, I like to believe they’re truly random, that my taste is as arbitrary and eclectic as can be, but looking at them all together brings out surprising patterns. I wasn’t aware, for instance, that I liked feather print as much as it appears I do.

Here’s a roundup of what I’m interested in lately. My current primary aesthetic is stylized, controlled hyperfeminin(inininin)ity. Prim and starched up the wazoo. I try to maintain a sense of variety for the blog, but on the days I don’t post, I’m usually wearing outfits like this.

In this post: blazers, florals, and the moddest tights you’ve ever seen.

awesome bun mess in my closet

I had hair down to my waist until shortly before I graduated from high school. No regrets, but I do miss the elaborate buns I used to construct. Source

blue dress shades of monet

I’m a huge fan of print/texture mixing as long as it’s tightly controlled and works within a general theme, which Marisa does very well. Source

blue skirt thrill of the heel


bosch leggings ravishingly


closet vixen vintage

Yes, this is homegirl’s actual closet. Unf. Source

color chart

Colors-by-skin-tone chart from 1941. Source

fascinator ruby armoire


eye dress scathingly brilliant

I prefer this one, but this ain’t a bad take. Source

feather dress vixen vintage

What’d I tell you about feather print? Source

floral blazer modstylists


floral dress delightfully tacky

For some reason, this reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. Source

Yellow tights are great. I’m seeing them everywhere lately. I think my skin’s a little too sallow for me to pull them off properly, though, so I’m content to leave them to others.

floral hair ruby armoire

Some mornings I can barely manage to brush my hair. Source

floral vixen vintage

This looks quite a bit like my prom dress. Source

I don’t even like flowers all that much! I can take or leave their actual carbon forms. For some ungodly reason, though, their textile equivalents make me swoon.

galaxy skirt shades of monet


giraffe bracelet zero style


I’d like a two-headed giraffe.

gold skull karla's closet


hold me tights diva na urlopie


jumper calivintage


peacock shirt vixen vintage


peacock tights shades of monet


blue petticoat vixen vintage


just gaudy enough calivintage


polka-dot dress joyful fox


religion sweater mess in my closet


rip headband zero style


This girl used to work in a funeral home. I never thought I’d see another intersection of fashion and funerary science!

that skirt scathingly brilliant


those shoes delightfully tacky

dem shoes Source

turban vixen vintage


owlhurst, part II

Find these items for sale on Etsy!

owlhurst XXXVIII

owlhurst XXIII

owlhurst XXXVI

owlhurst XXXVII

owlhurst XXXV

owlhurst XXXIV

I’m a real live mannequin!

owlhurst XXXII

owlhurst XXXI

owlhurst XXVIII

owlhurst XXVII

my fungal valentine

Sometimes I’m glad my webcam glosses over the finer points of any given shot, because otherwise you’d be able to tell exactly how sick I am. Seriously. I got a flu shot back in November, but it’s done fuck all. This is the first I’ve gotten out of bed in three days: I’d eked out the very last of my shampoo and toothpaste and didn’t want to be even more disgusting than usual. I thought I might as well dress up, though. It’s not much harder than throwing on yoga pants, and feeling put together always has a pleasant psychological effect on me.

valentine I

valentine II

valentine III

valentine IV

valentine V

valentine VI

valentine VII

This is one of my favorite dresses. The pattern, unfortunately, doesn’t photograph too well.

valentine VIII

valentine IX

valentine X

valentine XI

Dress: Bella Boutique Sweater & Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Shoes: Danform Ring & Belt: Handed down from Mom Shoes: Danform Bow: Old Gold

for once in my life i don’t feel overdressed

I attended fashion show practice today. Four hours per weekend I have to spend in heels higher than my name. As much as my feet whine, though, my posture is markedly better.

I don’t spend much time with other fashionistas. The online community more or less makes up for that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great to surround myself with chicness four hours a week. This is a crowd I actually don’t feel overdressed around. So many blazers, scarves, and skinny jeans. I feel gloriously urbane.

This is what I wore to practice today.

practice IV

practice II

practice I

Yesterday I hit up Old Gold’s 40th anniversary fill-a-bag sale. I got an OBSCENE quantity of stuff for $18, and this sweater and green necklace were among them.

My hair still looks nice and smooth from last night.

practice III

practice VI

practice VII

Some of these photos were taken with my cell phone during downtime at practice.

practice V

practice IX

practice VIII

practice XI

practice X

practice XII

practice XIII

practice XV

This is what happens when I wait too long to take pictures. Shitty, shitty light.

Sweater & Green Necklace: Old Gold Jeans: Battery Street Jeans Spider Necklace: Gifted Shoes: Stella Mae


I’m plugging Miss Broadway Dork again. I really, really love her YouTube channel.

i promise i won’t jump

I finally got back some modeling shots I took at Red Rocks Park back in September.

Copyright Philip Davidian 2012.

rocks I

I’m not a big fan of this outfit. The day I took these photographs boasted weird in-between weather, and I was trying to stay warm and cool at the same time. Early fall is my least favorite time for fashion.

rocks IX

rocks XIII

rocks XV

I FINALLY have my computer back! Outfit posts to come soon.

tutu 2.0 (now 37% less gaudy)

Yar, here be life decisions. I promise: just wade through a few paragraphs and you’ll get some pretty pictures.

I’ll finish my sophomore year of college in May. I’ve been studying religion and Latin, but despite the fun I’ve had, I always knew that University of Vermont wasn’t really where I wanted to be. It was my safety, and I’m an in-state student, using the school as a metaphorical holding tank until I found something better. I’ve always known I needed to do something macabre with my life. Every career I’ve ever aspired to has been pretty dang morbid: criminal psychologist, prison guard (hey, I thought I’d end up a lot taller than I am now), FBI agent. I’m very comfortable in the underbelly of the world, and someone has to work there.

Long story short, I’ve decided to apply to the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York City. I originally had my eye on Chicago (which fell through for reasons I won’t go into), or Montreal, but New York is an excellent alternative. I badly need the pulse of a city, and I’m tapping into it a little with this outfit. Consider it practice for living in New York.

I reworked the tutu outfit from last month. It was altogether too busy. I should really let a piece like this stand more or less alone. This time, I went with a few broad blocks of color and kept smaller details to a minimum. The forgiving sweater and smooth jacket also streamline the outfit quite a bit. The leather jacket kept things too bulky; tutus demand flow.

Inspiration courtesy of Franceta Johnson.

tutu II

tutu III

tutu IV

tutu V

tutu VI

tutu VII

tutu VIII

tutu IX

tutu X

Sweater & Jacket: Battery Street Jeans Tutu: Old Gold Tights: Wild Mountain Thyme Shoes: Stella Mae

look who thinks she’s so sophisticated

First of all: I don’t think I can, in good conscience, keep saying I have short hair.

long hurr

It touches the back of my neck now, which is a hella strange feeling. It hasn’t, until now, been longer than my chin since last February.

I kind of like it, but I also liked the buoyancy of the shorter version. It was always out of my face, and it had so much bounce and personality that I hardly had to brush it. More than that, I liked the touch of ’20s androgyny it gave me. It seems I’ve transitioned out of that ’20s androgyny and into ’50s hyperfemininity. Nothing wrong with either – I just have to figure out which one I prefer. Anyone have suggestions?

That aside, I fulfilled one of my wishes this Christmas: BRIGHT RED PANTS.

red pants I

I went full-on rockabilly today. I’m tending that way more and more.

red pants II

red pants VIII

She’s so sophisticated that she forgot to remove the broom from this shot.

red pants III

Here’s how old this sweater is: the tag says “made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong”.

red pants IV

I like maintaining simplicity in the bulk of my outfit and getting fancy in the trimmings. Cool scarf, cool jewelry, cool boots. Solid colors in the middle.

red pants V

I have been wearing these boots EVERYWHERE.

red pants VI

red pants VII

Sweater & Rings: Battery Street Jeans Pants: Gift Coat, Scarf, & Boots: Handed down

exhibit a of getting way too excited about everything

I might dress like I’m sophisticated, but I grew up in a town of 1,800 people, and I’m way too easily impressed by things like wireless internet, hands-free phones, and indoor plumbing. I’m also the kind of person who walks into doorjambs and knocks her glasses off. It’s a contrast my friends and family do not let me live down.

If you’ve ever wondered what I’m like in person, this is a pretty good indication:

ugly sweater II

The ugliest sweater known to Sartoria. I’m madly in love with it. I’m not even wearing it ironically.

I’d wanted a really hideous sweater for about a year, and my mom got me this one on a business trip over Thanksgiving break. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to blog it.

ugly sweater I

Dorky sweaters call for dorky poses.

My mock trial team had an “ugly sweater” party tonight, and I think I won the party. I’ll post the pic of my team as soon as my captain uploads it.

ugly sweater III

I feel really pretty today, because I am so happy to be wearing this sweater and it shows in my face.

ugly sweater IV

ugly sweater V

ugly sweater VI

I’m in the holiday spirit from head to toe. I feel like a Scandinavian child.

ugly sweater VII

This time of year is bliss for someone who loves classical music as much as I do. This has been on repeat for the past hour.

Also, happy Hanukkah! My Jewish boyfriend tried to teach me how to say it in Hebrew, and I promptly forgot. I kind of suck at languages that aren’t Latin.


UPDATE 12/11: Here’s my mock trial team (the ones who remembered to dress up, anyway) in all our finery!

mock trial gets ugly


Everything I wore today speaks of autumn, and at least vaguely of Halloween. I am preparing for my annual WEEK IN COSTUMES (which will be more like three days, due to the out-of-town mock trial tournament devouring my weekend). This is my warm-up outfit, a conceptual costume if not a literal one.

Orange sweater and black pants. My Slytherin sweater, which I’ve blogged before, complemented by my snake bracelet. And a vaguely steampunk belt.

I like the hard/soft combination here. Harem pants and loose sweater plus stark, metallic jewelry.

That’s my living room. It’s a pretty nice living room.

Sweater and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Pants: Handed down from Mom Shoes: Danform Bracelet: Claire’s Scarf: Plato’s Closet Hat: Gifted

this is my brain on (relatively) normal

Sometimes I really just want simplicity. I look like your average UVM chick today (well, maybe a little more colorful).

I got a haircut! I had dinner at my parents’ house last night, and then my mother cut my hair. Just an inch and a half off, but it’s so much rounder and bouncier. This is a good length for me.

They say horizontal stripes widen, but I actually find this sweater slimming.

I’m actually wearing jeans! I’ve been more comfortable in them lately, especially since I started coming to terms with my thighs.

The warmest hat I own.

I love how these jeans fit. They were $15 at Charlotte Russe, but they’re remarkably well structured. Also, I sucked it up and bought the “short”, and the length is PERFECT.

My magazine-cover pose.

Told you the length was perfect. Also, I’m a big fan of these shoes. THEY DON’T HURT. (I apologize for the lighting. The color of the jeans is more accurately depicted in the pictures above than in this one.)

I got a red carpet. This is gonna be fun.

Jeans: Charlotte Russe Belt and Striped Sweater: Battery Street Jeans Purple Sweater: Christmas 2009 Scarf: Plato’s Closet Shoes: Danform Hat: Christmas 2011