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tat XI

I swear to all the gods on this dress, not taking rockabilly pictures the day after getting inked must violate some kind of fashion-blogger dictum. Far be it from me to cross the men (and women) upstairs (and down). And the light in my apartment was celestially perfect today. How could I be anything but a big ol’ inked-up ham?

tat VII

tat VIII

As of yesterday, my passion for performance is forever inscribed on my body. It’s my third tattoo, and my most elaborate to date. Body art feels so, so right. Few things make me feel more empowered than customizing my skin and hair and face, bringing the surface in line with the soul. One day I will be a flabby old woman with her life story writ round her hips and up her spine, and I couldn’t be happier at the thought.

tat IX

tat V

tat I

And this dress. My word, this dress. It’s been months since I’ve purchased something decidedly not vintage, but Hell Bunny is persuasion enough. (True to my slow-fashion leanings, however, I did purchase it from a locally owned store.) I was swept away by this piece’s tackiness. What self-respecting religion major wouldn’t want the Blessed Virgin and Baron Samedi palling around on her breasts? I realize I run the risk of blasphemy here, and I truly hope my gesture isn’t interpreted as disrespect. In my opinion, it’s a testament to the timelessness of these symbols that we in the 21st century can choose how to honor them. No need to confine our reverence to frescoes and chapel walls. I can incorporate the divine into something I love – dresses! – and I don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with that. If you’re going to be spiritual, why not ingrain it into your life?

tat IV

tat X

Dress & Necklace: Old Gold Blazer, Belt, & Tights: Goodwill Hat & Shoes: Gifted

tat III

von tease

The bad news is I’ve become a slug, capable mostly of shivering in bed, designing elaborate future tattoos, and eating tortellini. The good news is listlessness breeds inspiration. If you need a little slice of summer to drag you through the last of the hibernation, then ya need a little slice of summer. And nothing channels summer better than the rockabilly beach queen we all deserve to be.

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Come March 15th, I’ll have a brand-new tattoo on my right shoulder blade. The appointment’s been booked and the down payment made. Soon comes round three of my endeavor to ink every inch of my skin.

Oh, you thought I was going to tell you what it was? That’s cute. You can wait like goddamn everyone else.

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*amelie intensifies*

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