the traveling yellow skirt freak show

skirt I

I’ve waited many a moon for this post. Way back in my salad days (by which I mean last June), I discovered a magical series of posts linked by one ineffable skirt. Initially worn by Melanie of Bag and a Beret, it rose to stardom as the figurehead of the Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show. As Sue from A Colorful Canvas (one of my sisters in skirthood) put it:

One day, a long long time ago, Melanie, of Bag and a Beret wore a yellow skirt.  It was a beautiful yellow skirt, and she happily twirled and whirled to her heart’s content.  It seems though, that the sunny yellow skirt had a negative effect on one of Melanie’s friends.  One so deep as to incite him to leave a very critical comment on her blog.  Her loyal followers, dismayed by the news, rallied behind her, and, at the suggestion of Sarah of Misfits Vintage, The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show was born!  The skirt has been flying magically around the globe for just over a year now, sprinkling fairy dust and positivity wherever it lands.

I was hooked. How could I not join this gravy train of spectacular aberration? I zipped over to Melanie’s blog, signed up according to her instructions, and settled into the heartache of waiting my turn like a big girl.

With the launch of these photos, I stand with my sisters in whimsy. So many fabulous bloggers have styled the skirt, though Forest City Fashionista’s take remains, so far, my favorite. Though I received it just before Christmas, I stashed it for so long in part because I feared being derivative. I had to do what hadn’t been done. More importantly, it had to scream Skye. What could I bring to this skirt that no one else had?

At heart, I’m nothing if not a showgirl. And a garment this gaudy simply yearns for the theatrical touch. I present to you, dear bloglings, the latest act in the Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show: “burlesque dancer goes bizarre”.

skirt iii

I’m particularly honored to be (I believe) the youngest woman to make her mark on the skirt. It’s nice to be nestled under the wing of so many formidable eccentrics. I’d like to think to think I’m practicing for my dotage, where my remaining Fucks to Give will evaporate and I can be my garish-harridan self in peace.

skirt IV

I’ve been doing burlesque for a while now. After a lifelong fascination with the culture and costumes, I finally sucked up my bank account a few months ago and started taking classes. There’s a lot of crossover between haunted house culture and cabaret culture, and many of my friends are involved with Green Mountain Cabaret in some capacity. Becoming a stage kitten and eventually performing with GMC are two of my goals for 2014.

skirt IX

skirt X

skirt XIII

My contribution to the skirt’s tapestry. A close friend of mine made this patch for me a few years ago, while I clawed through a bout of existential depression. Given the skirt’s “fairy dust and positivity” ethos, I thought it appropriate to donate.

skirt XII

skirt XI

skirt XV

skirt V

skirt II

skirt XIV

Godspeed to you & your magic.