girl on the burning tightrope

According to one Nelson Parker, I have now become the first model in the Burlington area to sit for a wet-plate shoot. “No one but me does this kind of work,” he informed me proudly. His studio in the Chace Mill happens to be walking distance from my apartment, so Josh and I hiked down with some sparkly bras and a bag full of masks. Nelson uses a process straight out of 1860, recording the image on a glass plate and developing the image with collodion and liquid silver. I realize this is fairly difficult to describe, so check out this video for a better summary.

Antiquated techniques like these will always remind me of spooky old carnival stills – barkers, bearded ladies, and sadly aging showgirls. Think¬†Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I set up temporary camp with my assorted props and became my own little freak show.¬†

Top Hat WPC


Necklace 2


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