actually, i am that girl

This is the first of a new series of posts inspired by my favorite film and literature characters.

I’m beginning to dress more and more like an off-duty model. (Technically, that’s what I am. Took me a while to grow into the persona, I suppose.) Lately I’ve been more cosmopolitan than kooky, and considerably more androgynous than before. I’m more comfortable in slouchy clothes than I’ve ever been; I’m almost starting to prefer them to more tailored counterparts.

I’ve made it clear how much I love themes and costumes. And I love Wicked. (First person to catch the reference in this post’s title gets love and sexual favors cookies.) I have always taken after Elphaba (I am political [to say the least] and I admit I am rather crude and somewhat cutting), but I’d gladly audition for Glinda just to inhabit her wardrobe for a while. I’m already getting there in sheer flamboyance alone.

Today I’m trying to merge them. I’m embodying Elphaba’s grunge and appropriating Glinda’s glamour.

monochrome III

monochrome I

I love just-messy-enough hair. I can achieve this look only when I’ve washed it the night before. (I don’t wash it very often, in order to preserve the dye.)

monochrome II

Glasses, shapeless sweater, and old-man belt worn with red lips and silver jewelry. Were Glinda ever caught dead in Elphaba’s rags, you know she’d tart them up a little.

monochrome IV

Voltaire necklace!

monochrome V

This hat makes me feel vaguely soldierly.

monochrome VI

monochrome VII

Monochrome really frees me up to combine unusual shapes and textures. The sweater is as scratchy as the skirt is silky, but the color ties them together.

monochrome VIII

monochrome IX

monochrome X

My Glinda coat! I’ve had it since high school. It cost me 25 cents at a bag sale. I plan to feature it more extensively in an upcoming post (still haven’t finished that outerwear series).

The sticker says “be nice to me: I gave blood today”. That’s from at least a year ago.

monochrome XI

Hat: Old Gold Coat: Richmond Food Shelf & Thrift Store Sweater, Skirt, and Rings: Battery Street Jeans Necklace: Voltaire fan store Boots and Belt: Handed down from Mom

urban elphaba

I nurse a great fondness for the Wizard of Oz canon, Gregory Maguire’s Wicked series in particular, and Elphaba Thropp is one of my all-time favorite literary characters. She’s a witch, but not the sexy, slinky kind I usually aim to embody. She’s tough and ungainly and better suited to leather than lace. Some witches transcend the elements, but Elphaba seems like she just soldiers right through them, grim-faced in a burlap cloak. I like that roughness, so I borrowed a little of it for today’s witchiness.

Peasant skirt topped off with a snakeskin belt. I wish I could say I skinned the snake myself.

I really like the paper-bag waist trend, particularly with a skinny belt. This morning I sewed belt loops onto this skirt to properly accommodate the belt.

Celtic knot necklace. Used to be my mother’s.

I feel more than a little medieval.

Leather boots! They make everything a little grungier, especially peasant-style skirts.

Blouse: Plato’s Closet Skirt: Paizlee’s (now-defunct boutique in Essex) Jacket and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Boots and Necklace: Handed down from Mom Hat: Gifted