it fucking snowed



I took half of these photos in front of my apartment while Josh revved the metaphorical engine at me, and the other half once we arrived at his parents’ house in Connecticut. I’m sure I’ll rue these words in a few months when my pipes burst and I’m hauling firewood at 2 am, but my god does a New England snowfall make me believe in magic.

This year I am thankful for an Italian boyfriend whose mother serves lasagna at Thanksgiving, for good hair dye, and for the continued existence of ferrets. (And, y’know, love, shelter, and abundance. But I can take or leave those. 😉 )












unbearable pinkness of being


Here are some facts about my weekend:

  • I saw Carbon Leaf at Higher Ground Ballroom for the fifth time. They played literally everything and it was amazing, and the lead guitarist signed my arm. However,
  • Choosing Carbon Leaf meant I had to miss the fairy-tale cabaret, at which I later learned there had been a Maleficent number. Guys. There was a Maleficent striptease and I missed it. There was a homoerotic Maleficent striptease blatantly shipping her with Aurora and I missed it. Take away my #1-fan status. Just take it away. I’m no longer deserving.
  • Josh and I drank an entire carton of eggnog wtf is wrong with us
  • I wore this, the coziest dress known to femmekind.
  • I made a meatloaf and then ate almost all of it myself.
  • Why do all my high points involve obscene amounts of food?



observe the fashionista in her natural habitat

Say what you will about bitter cold and hauling firewood at 2:30 in the morning – rural Vermont winters are, if nothing else, aesthetically magical. And my parents’ house is nothing if not the absolute best place to curl up and wait for Christmas.

I took photos on the front porch today, carefully shielding my laptop against the occasional gust of snow.

cozy II

cozy V

cozy I

We got our Christmas tree three days ago and have yet to bring it in the house.

This sweater belongs to my friend Cassie, who left it behind when she came over recently. I swear I fully plan on returning it. It was just the perfect complement to today’s backdrop.

cozy VIII

cozy VII

Every time I go home, my mom bestows hand-me-downs upon me. This time, it was these boots.

cozy IV

Frosted driveway. I love snow without wind: it all settles in the trees.

cozy VI

Porch roof, unlit Christmas lights, and a view of the evergreens across the street. My bedroom window is directly opposite them.

cozy IX

The gold nails were an experiment. I’m not sure how well it went. I do, however, love the blue, so there’s definitely hope for me introducing colors other than red into my wardrobe.

cozy X

cozy XI

This pose brought to you courtesy of Nadia Aboulhosn.

cozy XII

These are going to be a staple. I can tell.

cozy XIII

It’s not a hymn, but here’s my favorite song for today: