coziness incarnate

Even when I attempt preppy, I end up looking like a clown-college graduate. In spite (or probably because) of that, I am in rapturous love with today’s colors.

Another of my recent Battery Street Jeans purchases. It’s my Slytherin sweater.

Contrast again. It’s the easiest way to build interesting outfits. Today it’s schlumpy-preppy. Old-man sweater (I found it in a box on the side of the road last year) plus girly baubles. Also, because there’s so much going on up top, I stuck to black leggings on  the bottom. I think even jeans would be too much for this.

awww yis

Striped Sweater and Green Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Leggings: Handed down from Mom Scarf: Plato’s Closet Hat: Gifted Orange Necklace: Charlotte Russe Blue Sweater: Battery Street Jeans Purse: Bella Boutique


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