As you’ll recall, I won a really kickass outfit in a drawing at Stella Mae. Here’s the model’s take on it, and here’s mine. The dress fits me closer than it does the model. I prefer that: it frees me up to add less structured accessories. A light wrap or shawl would look quite nice….


A few weeks ago, I entered a drawing sponsored by Stella Mae downtown. The prize? A dress and a pair of really, really kickass shoes. Today I was awakened by a phone call telling me I won. Blogging the outfit tomorrow. You’ve been forewarned!

i just keep getting tackier and tackier

The only parts of this outfit I paid money for are my pants and two of my rings, which cost me $9 total. Last spring I found this sweater in a box on the side of the road, and it’s one of my favorite possessions. Hat – hand-me-down from my cousin. Harley boots and lapis…


I meant to post this yesterday, so you’ll be getting two posts today! I enjoy mixing elements, and sometimes I get into the more androgynous elements thereof. By “androgynous”, I don’t mean pieces that could go either way – I mean mixing the hypermasculine with the hyperfeminine. This look brought to you by the 1950s….

pretending i live in an actual city

In the summer, I teach children’s theatre. While I was home on break, my neighbor announced on Facebook that she was giving away a massive box of children’s costumes, and I bolted over there. Not only did I procure a preponderance of props for my young thespians, I found this jacket in the bottom of…

just try me, elements

Burlington got its first snow today, and it looks like the next few days will follow suit. I’m seizing the opportunity to publish a series of outerwear posts. You think my autumn jackets are outlandish? They’ve got nothing on my winter coat collection. I love outerwear because I can be wearing some boring old thing…

i scratched them myself

I just plain like creating things. Often the things in question are outfits. But sometimes, when I’m at my parents’ house and have a decent stove and lots of resources, they are homemade ravioli. Ravioli are one of my favorite things to eat. I made my own once last summer, but I used rice flour,…

city girl’s last stand

It’s Thanksgiving break, and I’m curled up in the recliner in my parents’ living room, having crawled sleepily back to the hamlet (pop. 1800) where I spent sixteen years of my life. My cell phone barely works out here. My bedroom window looks out on ten acres of trees. In a few days I’ll go…

stages: one more

Chubby ten-year-old Skye in her first-ever flamboyant hat. I wore that thing to death. (Taken outside the Buddhist temple I grew up visiting.)


A commenter on my last post suggested the following: [Write about] [h]ow the outfits relate to you! I love your little blurbs about why you like specific articles or what they say about you, last weeks was especially great. So today I’m going vintage. Not in my usual manner, but true vintage: these are all…

talk to me

My hits counter has been lagging. I don’t think I got more than three “likes” during the entire month of October. I dress mostly for myself, but I’d also like to feel that I’m cultivating a relationship with my audience. I want to be a muse. I want to be a sponge for art and…

unusually ladylike

Yesterday Urban Outfitters took 75% off select accessories. And it’s not a sale unless I walk away with a ton of gaudy gold shit. That said, I actually really like the subtlety of this outfit. The disparate pieces could be gaudy, but I made sure everything matched something and kept to a couple basic themes….