me-made: all i need’s a fruit hat

setIIOlder ladies often find me charming, but instead of pinching my cheeks, they want to give me vintage. In twenty-four hours, one middle-aged customer at work offered to bring me her great-aunt’s hats (!!!), and another pressed a heaping sack of fabric into my arms. “It was my mother’s,” she said, “and I can’t think of a better person to have it.”

setXInside: four different prints, all neatly folded and labeled with exact yardage. I salivated all week, and on Friday night I finally sat down to my machine and banged out this set. I used Vogue 8789, that old standby, for the top. The included “petite” adjustment was the perfect crop-top length. The skirt, you boilerplate pleated number; the headwrap, the scraps. I finished in under six hours, just in time to revel in glorious kitsch at Saturday’s farmers’ market. And catch five Drowzees, but who’s counting?

setVII setIV

setII setIXsetVIII setXI

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  1. That really is one of the neatest – and most heartwarmingly – beautiful elements of wearing vintage. I think it’s such an incredible honour when someone wants to pass along vintage from their own family to me.

    This is such a fun, lovely outfit. The matching hair wrap is like the icing on the stylish cake here.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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