welcome to sunny hartford



Like a lot of vintage girls, I’m not much for summer. Its novelty wears off far quicker than other seasons’. Spring and fall I could savor forever; I love that in-between. Summer and winter are altogether too in your face.

So when we spirited off to ConnectiCon, I took advantage of an air-conditioned hotel to wear what vintage girls are made off. The whole corset and caboodle, plus hat and gloves and nylons. I found this late-19th-century capelet in the con’s merch room – for only $30. Yes, that’s just two digits. I also picked up a ’40s wool hat, whose winter debut I’m eagerly awaiting. I would’ve gotten into conventions much sooner had someone told me there was vintage there.

ctconI ctconXI ctconXII

I had a nice time at CTCon, and I’ll probably return. I have reservations about “geek” culture, though. A lot of it seems overly prescriptivist: there are certain Objectively Geeky/Nerdy things to like, and engagement with those specific things determines your status. I’ve always thought of nerdiness as “obsessive interest in specific, often obscure topics”. I’m one hell of a vintage nerd! So it’s frustrating when that meaning gets tied up with “liking things deemed nerdy”. There’s nothing inherently nerdier about loving Star Trek than about loving fashion.

ctconII ctconVI

It’s disingenuous to conflate “enthusiasm” with “enthusiasm for specific things“, and I struggle to find a place in communities that do so. I’ve never cared for sci-fi or sword & sorcery, for anime or vidya games, but I sure as hell love the things I love. And I think there should be room for that.


Dress suit: vintage, via brick-and-mortar store

Hat: vintage, via Bos & Ruby Vintage

Gloves: vintage, via Mainly Vintage

Shoes & brooch: vintage, thrifted

Cape: antique (!), purchased at the con

Socks: purchased at the con



ctconIII ctconVII



Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “welcome to sunny hartford”

  1. Hi Skye. Nice outfit, love the cape and brooch! I live near Hartford and it’s been too hot lately for anything but sundresses or shorts. Agree about the disingenuousness of geek culture. It’s cool to be a tech nerd now. Love your vintage enthusiasm!

  2. In between seasons for the win always! They’re all of about 2.35 seconds long in this country, but you know, that just makes me adore them all the more, as they’re brief, beautiful treats.

    Love this chic outfit! Your cape is as elegant as they come.

    ♥ Jessica

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